About me

Hi, my name is Ilka and I am calling Bahrain my home at the moment. I am German, my husband is British and my kids think they are Bahraini because they have been spending over half of their little lives here.

Growing up in a little town in thIlka NEWe Black Forest in south-west Germany, all I wanted is to explore the world. Thinking back, I always loved travelling and exploring different cultures. Some years and a few countries later, I combined my passion with my corporate career and trained and certified as a professional coach (CPCC, ACC with ICF) with a passion for Expat & Global Executive coaching. Apart from working with individuals, I also regularly run Cultural Induction workshops together with Expat Angels Bahrain WLL for senior executives as well as for the STARS – the ‘spouses trailing and relocating successfully’.

As part of this cross-cultural training, I started this blog about all the weird and wonderful things here in Bahrain I am experiencing as a trailing spouse, mother of two kids, a coach, trainer and freelance consultant.

My wish is that this blog will become the ‘go-to’ blog for people looking to move here as well for expats looking to understand more about the beautiful country they are currently calling their home. Happy reading!

Copyright © 2015 Ilka Clune

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