Tales of expat summers…

Summer holidays are over, suitcases are unpacked, the kids are back at school. Over are the days spending the days outside in the rain somewhere else in the world or playing Nerf war inside with your 7-year old when it is too hot outside. With the expats back on the island the supermarket shelves are getting restacked and the traffic is back. Hot and humid Bahrain is once again humming and buzzing after taking a little respite!

So what’s different? First of all, you see some new faces around and you realise that you miss some who have moved on. This is expat life for you! As is the question: “How was your summer?”

IMG_4038Lots of people (mostly without their husbands in tow) take the long summer holiday as an opportunity to visit family and recharge friendships at home. This means that most don’t see the holidays as a time to relax but to cramp a whole year into a few weeks traveling and rushing around reconnecting with everyone to last for another year. There is also the expat peril of husbands not having enough holiday to cover six or seven weeks away and so most mums find themselves running the show during the summer and coming back looking forward to some rest. Fact is that many expats don’t necessarily see the summer as holidays. That is unless they take the opportunity to cave out some time for a holiday within the holidays and taking the opportunity to travel to places less accessible from their home country. This, however, means foregoing the main chance to travel ‘back home’ and for those that don’t even manage a few days away,  staying in their adopted country all summer, facing extreme temperatures whilst many of their friends being away.

So for the ones of us who have been away, let’s us enjoy the memories of another expat summer and let’s tell the tales whilst enjoying our time back ‘home’!