Top 5 tips to enjoy living in Bahrain

I frequently get asked for some tips in the Cultural Induction Workshops I am running with relocation agency Expat Angels, so here are my top 5 tips:

1. Set up a Skype subscription and download WhatsApp on your phone. This helps you stay in touch with family and friends at home and also allows you to join local WhatsApp groups to find out what is happening here.

2. Join an expat club such as the Rugby Club, British Club, Sailing Club or Dilmun Club or take up a membership at either The Ritz or The Sofitel to allow yourself to soak up the sun at the beach or pool. This will allow you to make meet people easily. With so many expats here, friendships in Bahrain happen quickly and tend to be very strong.

3. Join Aramex Shop and Ship to avoid the frustration of not being able to shop for anything you want. It is $40 US dollars for a lifetime membership and you can shop in over 10 countries and get the goods sent to your home in Bahrain at a small cost.

4. A tip for the ladies in particular is to always have a pashmina or a cardigan handy. These are great and handy cover-ups for all sorts of circumstances. They are great to cover shoulders when wearing strappy tops and dresses when you are popping into the shops and the AC in malls and cinemas can get a bit arctic sometimes so you will be glad of the benefit.

5. Always and always and always have some water with you! Water can be expensive in certain places and you will want to drink a lot here in particular in the very hot summer months!


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